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To search for a property in New York State that is listed in the registers you will enter some basic information. Begin by selecting from the first three tabs above. Each provides various search options based on information contained in the nomination files. We recommend that you begin with a broad search using the county or property location (city, town and/or village), the name or a portion of the name of a property. You can also search by historic context(s) using the second tab or architectural style(s) using the third tab. You may select as many options from all three tabs as you like. However, the more information you enter the narrower the search will be and the fewer results will be returned.

Once you have picked your search criteria simply select the RESULTS SET tab. A list of properties fitting your selected criteria will be generated. In most cases, the nomination form (TEXT) and accompanying images (PHOTOS) will appear on the list. Simply select the VIEW icon next to the file you wish to see. When done close the viewer window and select another file from the list or select BASIC CRITERIA and select CLEAR ALL PAGES to begin a new search.

Please respect private property

The buildings, structures, objects and sites documented in the Registers and found on this site have been identified as significant cultural resources in the State of New York. They represent both individual history as well as the collective history of the people of our state. The majority of these properties are privately owned and are not accessible to the public. Therefore we ask that you please respect the owner's right to privacy.

The documentation found in this site reflects the information that was available about an individual property or historic district at the time of the listing. More than three decades after this program began we realize that many changes have occurred in property ownership and conditions. We also know that additional research has been completed on many of these historic places. However, it is not the practice of this office to "update" files or alter nominations. These documents reflect the condition of the property and the information available at the time of listing.

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